• Programs

    Creating Paths to Changing the Community

    Community Parent Resource Center

    Culturally Responsive Parent Training & Support

    CIDA provides family support and parental training on special education and the Federal and New York State resources. Support groups, workshops and one-on-one helps are developed based on the cultural and language needs of individual families. This new Community Parent Resource Center is funded by the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education programs. A bilingual website and the new announcements are coming soon.

    Workforce Development

    Creating Choices and Opportunities

    Our focus program area is career and job development for individuals with disabilities. CIDA is currently running a pilot project to develop the workforce and careers of young adults (age 18-26) with social/cognitive disabilities. The participants are provided with business and social skills training, and the necessary support to establish a cooperative. All training procedures are evidence/outcome-based practices.

    Inclusive Community Programs

    Art & Photography Projects

    CIDA provides community-based and inclusive art and career preparation classes in Queens, New York. The classes are open to the public. Spring classes start in May 2017. The Very Special Art Festival is held every year in Fall. Call 718-224-8197 for more information.