• Our Stories

    How we began

    Our History

    CIDA started as a small family support group that first gathered at a community conference in 2013. These families were dealing with various problems relating to family support, advocacy, and lack of service information due to language and cultural barriers within immigrant communities in New York. In response to these issues, Dr. Young Seh Bae, the CIDA founder and several parents initiated free special education service workshops, family events and support meetings in collaboration with the local organizations. In the process, many parent members expressed the urgent needs for preparing post-secondary life and inclusion opportunities for their children with disabilities. As such, CIDA, a grassroots organization, was officially incorporated in 2016, focusing on family support and workforce development for individuals with disabilities.

  • Hear from Our Families

    Making Disabilities a Possibility

    Why we started CIDA

    What we pursue has been very clear: self-determined, included and independent life of our children.

    CIDA's Worker Co-op

    Devin Bae, 17 year old talks about his brother with autism, his hope for the future and the community.

    Introducing our families

    Photos from our very first and Very Special Art Festival in 2016 and New Year Party 2017